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Copper Basin, Chugach Mountains & Prince William Sound

Information is the best available at the time of publication. A listing here implies no specific guarantees or recommendations.

• 907 is the area code for all numbers unless otherwise listed.
• An asterisk (*) after a company name indicates membership in the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association.

  • Companies are grouped based on their primary area of service, which may not match their home or contact locations.
  • Listings were as accurate as possible at the time of publication and are updated as soon as the need for a change is known.
  • If "drop-offs" are listed, "pick-ups" are implied.
  • The listing of a company here does not imply a recommendation or guarantee from the author or publisher.

Alaskan Angler Charters *
Valdez-835-5090, 888-835-5002, fishcentral@ak.net, www.fishcentral.net/akangler.htm. Boat rentals, tackle rentals, charter boats, guiding, wildlife viewing, winter activities, marine transportation. Port Valdez, Valdez Arm.

Alaska Trail & Sail Adventures
Anchorage-276-2628. Custom sailing and kayak trips, kayak rentals, custom tours. Prince William Sound from Whittier.

Alaskan Wilderness Sailing and Kayaking *
Valdez-835-5175, www.alaska.net/~awss. Skippered sailing, guided kayaking, wildlife, outdoor education. Valdez, Prince William Sound, Chugach, Columbia Glacier.

Anadyr Adventures *
Valdez-(800) 865-2925, 835-2814, www.anadyradventures.com. Ship-, camp-, or lodge-based kayaking trips, outdoor education, guiding, outfitting, hiking, fishing, wildlife. Shoup Glacier State Marine Park, Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Columbia Glacier, Port Valdez, Duck Flats.

Auklet Charter Services *
Cordova-424-3428, www.aukletcharters.com. Day and overnight charter boat, research and adventure cruises, wildlife viewing, bird watching, hiking, kayak trip support. Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Cordova, Valdez, Whittier.

Babkin Charters *
Anchorage-272-8989, www.alaskan.com/babkin_charters/. Bird watching, charterboats, fishing, hiking, kayaking, natural history interpretation, photography, skiing, wildlife viewing, winter activities. Prince William Sound.

Capt'n Ron's Alaska Adventures
Homer-235-4368 (winter), Whittier-472-2393 (summer), www.alaskawebs.com/captainron.htm. Fishing and sightseeing charters from Whittier.

Copper Oar Rafting
Glenallen-(800) 523-4453, 554-4453, www.alaskan.com/vendors/copper_oar.html. Rafting, backpacking and wilderness trips. Wrangell-St. Elias, McCarthy, Copper River Basin.

Cordova Alaskan Adventures & Outfitters
Cordova-800-881-7948, www.cordovaalaskan.com. Fishing, mountain biking, backcountry camping, photo safaris, hiking. Prince William Sound.

Cordova & Northwestern Tours
Cordova-424-5356. Copper River Delta bus tours, Million Dollar Bridge, Childs Glacier.

Cordova Coastal Outfitters *
Cordova-(800) 357-5145, 424-7424, www.cdvcoastal.com. Boat, bike, canoe and sea kayak rentals, guided tours. Cordova and Copper River watershed.

Discovery Voyages *
Cordova-(800) 324-7602, 424-7602, www.discoveryvoyages.com. Multi-day guided voyages, shore hikes, wildlife viewing, charter boats, bird watching, cruise ships and tourboats, fishing, hiking. Prince William Sound, Copper River Delta.

Earth Odysseys *
Seattle-(800) 484-6904 code: erth, (206) 937-6092, www.earthodysseys.com. "Ed-ventures", custom tours, retreats, team building experiences, kayaking and canoeing, natural history interpretation. Prince William Sound

Honey Charters *
Whittier-(888) 477-2493, 472-2493, www.honeycharters.com. Booking agency, 4 boats in operation, sightseeing, fishing, drop-offs, whale watching from Whittier: Blackstone Glacier, Barry Arm, Prince William Sound.

Kayak Tours of Alaska
Soldotna, Whittier-260-3103, www.alaska.net/~kayak. Six-day kayak trips in Prince William Sound from Whittier. Transport from Anchorage included.

Kennicott-McCarthy Wilderness Guides
Kennicott-(800) 664-4537, 554-4444, www.alaskaoutdoors.com/kennicott/. Guided hiking, rafting, wildlife, winter activities. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Keystone Raft and Kayak Adventures, Inc. *
Valdez-835-2606, www.alaskawhitewater.com. Rafting, kayak trips, fishing, wildlife, hiking. Keystone, Tsaina, Tonsina, Tana, Chitina, Tazlina, Klutina, and
Copper rivers.

Lazy Otter Charters, Inc. *
Whittier-(800) 587-6887, 472-6887, www.alaska.net/~lazyottr. Individual and group charters for kayakers and campers, drop-offs, pick-ups, wildlife viewing, whale watching, SCUBA diving adventures. Western Prince William Sound from Whittier.

Northern Magic Charters and Tours
Valdez-(888) 835-4433, 835-4433, www.akohwy.com/n/normagic.htm. Boat tours, fishing, custom cruises, drop-offs, kayak support, from Valdez.

Nuliaq Alaska Charters *
Fairbanks-474-0040, nuliaq@alaska.net. Custom tourboat trips, fishing, wildlife, birding. Prince William Sound.

Osprey Expeditions *
Copper Center-882-5422, www.alaska.net/~ospreyex. Guided wilderness raft trips. Wrangell-St. Elias, Copper River Basin, Chitina, Copper, and Tana rivers.

Outer Limits Charters *
Anchorage-562-1745, www.alaska One.com/outerlimits. Bird watching, cruises and tour boat, hiking, lodging, wildlife viewing, fishing, Northern Lights viewing. Kayak Island to Prince William Sound.

Phillips' Cruises & Tours
Anchorage-(888) 655-4723,
277-4676, www.see-alaska.com/phillips/. Glacier cruises in Prince William Sound from Anchorage and Whittier.

Prince William Sound Kayak Center
Anchorage-276-7235, 472-2452 (Whittier). Guided kayak tours, sea kayak rentals. Prince William Sound from Whittier.

Raven Sailing Charters & Berth and Breakfast *
Valdez-835-5863, www.alaska.net/~ravenchr. Sailing charters, lessons, wildlife, kayak support, drop-offs, berth and breakfast in the harbor. Prince William Sound from Valdez.

River Wrangellers *
Gakona-(888) 822-3967, 822-3967, www.alaskaoutdoors.com/wrangeller. Raft trips, fishing, bird watching, low impact camping, transportation. Raft, canoe, and gear rental. Copper, Tana, Klutina, Tazlina, Tonsina, and Chitina rivers, Wrangell St. Elias, Gakona, Glenallen, Copper Center.

Sage Charters *
Cordova-424-3475. Charter boats, bird watching, fishing. Cordova, Prince William Sound.

Sound Eco Adventures *
Whittier-(888) 471-2312, 472-2312, www.alaska.net/~sea/seasite.html. Biologist-guided marine wildlife and nature tours with beachable boat, fast water taxi, winter activities, bird watching, charter boats, kayaking, canoeing, winter activities. Prince William Sound from Whittier.