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Information is the best available at the time of publication. A listing here implies no specific guarantees or recommendations.

• 907 is the area code for all numbers unless otherwise listed.
• An asterisk (*) after a company name indicates membership in the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association.

  • Companies are grouped based on their primary area of service, which may not match their home or contact locations.
  • Listings were as accurate as possible at the time of publication and are updated as soon as the need for a change is known.
  • If "drop-offs" are listed, "pick-ups" are implied.
  • The listing of a company here does not imply a recommendation or guarantee from the author or publisher.

7 Bridges Boats & Bikes
Fairbanks-479-0751, www.alaska.net/~gables7/7bridges.htm. Canoe and bike rentals, river drop-offs. Fairbanks.

ABEC's Alaska Adventures *
Fairbanks-457-8907, abec@abecalaska.com, www.abecalaska.com. Backpacking, hiking, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, river trips, wildlife. Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic, Arctic NWR

Alaska Best Wilderness*
Tanana-366-7111, www.mosquitonet.com/~abwe. Small-group expeditions by dog sled, backpacking trips in little known mountains north of the Yukon. From Tanana. Yukon River, Ray Mountains, Kokrine-Hodzana Uplands.

Alaska Fish and Trails
Bettles-479-7630, www.ptialaska.net/~aktrails/. Backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing. Gates of the Arctic, Koyukuk River, Brooks Range.

Alaska Tolovana Adventures
Nenana-832-5569, www.AlaskaOne.com/tolovana. River trips, birding, wildlife, guiding, fishing, lodge, dog sledding, winter trips, drop-offs, multi-day trips. Statewide and Southeast.

Arctic Treks *
Fairbanks-455-6502, www.gorp.com/arctreks. Backpacking, rafting trips, hiking, wilderness skills. Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic, Arctic NWR.

Arctic Wild *
Fairbanks -888-577-8203 479-8203, trips@arcticwild.com, www.arcticwild.com. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking and canoeing, river trips, birding, wildlife. Arctic NWR, Gates of the Arctic NPP, Noatak NP.

Awl Alaskan Kennels
Fairbanks-389-6957, www.akpub.com/fhwag/awlal.html. Dogsled trips. Chatanika area.

Back Country Logistical Services
Fairbanks-457-7606, www.alaska.net/~finstad/. River trips, outfitting, fishing, drop-offs. White Mountains, Alaska Range.

Canoe Alaska
Fairbanks-479-5183, www.mosquitonet.com/~canoeak. Instruction, Guided canoe and raft trips on the Delta, Gulkana, Chena, and Fortymile rivers, and on Beaver and Chena creeks, and other Interior rivers. Interior, Alaska Range.

Circle City Charters (S&S Ventures)
Fairbanks-773-8439. Boat trips, kayak support, lodging. Yukon River basin from Circle.

Eagle Canoe Rentals
Eagle, Dawson City, Circle. 547-2203, paddleak@aptalaska.net, www.aptalaska.net/~paddleak. Canoe rentals for self-guided canoe trips. Also rents canoes at Dawson City youth hostel. Yukon River region from Eagle.

Ester Dome Walking Society *
Ester-479-8300, dayates@igc.org. Walk game trails and historic mining roads through boreal forest. Natural history interpretation, outdoor education, photography, wildflowers and wildlife viewing. Ester Dome, Fairbanks area.

Friends of Creamer's Field *
Fairbanks-452-5162, creamers@ptialaska.net, www.creamersfield.org. Bird watching, hiking, historical/cultural and natural history interpretation, skiing, wildlife viewing, outdoor education, naturalist walks, programs. Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, Fairbanks.

Independent Rentals
Fairbanks-456-6595, www.akpub.com/akbbrv/indep.html. Rentals. Inflatable rafts and boats, 17' canoes, bicycles, camping and fishing equipment, etc. Fairbanks.

Interior A.K. Adventures *
Fairbanks-(800) 890-3229, 388-4193, www.akpub.fhwag/logan.html. Backpacking, mountaineering and mountain guides, rafting and river trips, fishing, glacier hiking, Northern Lights viewing, photography, wildlife viewing, winter activities. Beaver Creek, Birch Creek, Wild, Chatanika, Chena, Koyukuk, Noatak, Nowitna, Kobuk, Delta, Clearwater, and Gulkana rivers, Wood Tikchik SP, Sagavanirktok. Statewide.

Mackey's Happy Dog Kennel
Nenana-832-1001. Dogsled treks. Nenana region.

Mountain Trip *
Anchorage-345-6499, MtTrip@aol.com. Mountaineering, guiding, climbing instruction. Mt. Hunter, Denali, Mt. Sanford, Little Switzerland, Ruth Glacier.

Nature Alaska Tours
Fairbanks-488-3746. Natural history, birding. Prudhoe Bay, Nome, Gambell, Kenai Fjords, Seward Peninsula, Denali, Denali Highway, Brooks Range.

Northern Alaska Tour Company
Fairbanks-474-8600, www.alaskasarctic.com. Tours to Anaktuvuk Pass, Prudhoe Bay, Barrow, Nome/Kotzebue, Arctic Circle. From Fairbanks.

North Country Outfitters *
Tok-883-5506. Guiding, outfitting, fishing, wildlife, horseback rides and trips. Interior & Southeast: Chichagof Island and Game Management Units 4, 6,12,17,20.

Sourdough Outfitters
Bettles Field-692-5252, www.sourdough.com. Back-packing, fishing, flightseeing, air taxi, lodging, northern lights. Gates of the Arctic NPP, Noatak NP, Kanuti NWR, Kobuk Valley NP, Selawik NWR, Arctic NWR, Brooks Range.

Tundra Tours
Barrow-(800) 882-8748, 852-3900, www.tundratours.com. Package tours of Barrow in partnership with Alaska Airlines, Arctic Ocean, Inupiat cultural demonstrations, midninght sun, northern lights.

VanGo Custom Tours & Alaska Places *
Fairbanks-235-5431, akplaces@alaska.net. "Off-the-beaten-track tours" through Fairbanks region, Interior.

Yukon Adventure Company, LLC *
Ruby-468-4463. Class I sea kayak tour of Yukon River and tributaries. Small group 4-14 day ecoadventures, dog sledding, Northern Lights viewing. Yukon River region.

Yukon Raft Adventures
Eagle-547-2355, www.wwwdi.com/yukonraft/yraft_14.html. Extended Yukon River float trips. Eagle, Dawson, Circle region.

Yukon River Tours *
Fairbanks-452-7162, www.mosquitonet.com/mdlacey/url.html. 43-passenger tourboat, river trips, birding, native culture. Yukon River from Tanana to Stevens Village, Beaver.

Yukon Starr Enterprises
Tanana-366-7251. Boat tours. Yukon River from Tanana, air links.