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Information is the best available at the time of publication. A listing here implies no specific guarantees or recommendations.

• 907 is the area code for all numbers unless otherwise listed.
• An asterisk (*) after a company name indicates membership in the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association.

  • Companies are grouped based on their primary area of service, which may not match their home or contact locations.
  • Listings were as accurate as possible at the time of publication and are updated as soon as the need for a change is known.
  • If "drop-offs" are listed, "pick-ups" are implied.
  • The listing of a company here does not imply a recommendation or guarantee from the author or publisher.

Alaska Backcountry Touring, LLC *
Ester-456-6091, www.mosquitonet.com/~abt. Eco-adventure, wilderness tours, hiking, backpacking, guiding, rafting, kayaking and canoeing, outdoor education, wildlife viewing, ground transportation, dog sledding, winter activities. Statewide, Interior, Far North.

Alaska-Denali Guiding, Inc. *
Talkeetna-733-2649, www.alaska.net/~adg. Mountaineering, hiking, river trips, cross-country skiing. Denali-Talkeetna region.

Alaska Raft Adventures
Denali Park-683-2684. Whitewater rafting and float trips. Denali NPP.

CGS Bicycles
Talkeetna-733-1279, www.gmcrowley.com. Mountain bike rentals and tours. Talkeetna.

Denali Floats
Talkeetna-(800) 651-5221, 733-2384, denaliak@alaska.net. Day and overnight trips, tours, rafting, guided adventures. Susitna, Chulitna, Talkeetna rivers, Talkeetna region.

Denali Foundation *
Denali-683-2597, denali@mosquitonet.com. Elderhostel sponsor. Hiking, historical/cultural interpretation, natural history interpretation, wilderness skills, wildlife viewing, winter activities. Interior/Far North: Denali NPP.

Denali Outdoor Center
Denali Park-(888) 303-1925, 683-1925, www.denalioutdoorcenter.com. Raft and inflatable kayak trips, mountain bike rentals, whitewater kayak school. Nenana River, Denali area.

Denali Raft Adventures *
Denali-(888) 683-2234, 683-2234, www.denaliraftadventures.com. Rafting and river trips. Paddle rafts or oared rafts, transportation, flotation suits, rain gear and other equipment are provided. Nenana River at Denali NP.

Denali Wilderness Safaris
Cantwell-768-2550. Jetboat and airboat trips. Nenana River, Denali area.

Malay's Riverboat Service
Talkeetna-(800) 736-2210, 733-2223, www.alaskan.com/mahays. Susitna, Talkeetna, and Chulitna rivers small boat cruises, fishing, drop-offs, canoe rentals.

McKinley Raft Tours, Inc.
Denali Park-683-2392, www.AlaskaOne.com/mrtours. Raft trips. Nenana River, Denali area.

Paxson Alpine Tours & Cabins
Paxson-822-5972, www.alaskan.com/paxsontours. Float trips, cabins. Paxson Wildlife Reserve, eastern Alaska Range.

Talkeetna River Guides *
Talkeetna-(800) 353-2677, 733-2677, www.talkeetnariverguides.com. Easy float trips, extended floats, fishing. Talkeetna, Denali area.

Talkeetna Riverboat Service
Talkeetna-733-3336, www.gotalkeetna.com. Fishing charters, river drop-offs, 8 to 10-day float trips, snowmobile tours, dog sled rides, remote camps, raft rentals, RV park and storage yard. Talkeetna area.

Too-loo-uk River Guides *
Denali Park-683-1542, www.alaskaone.com/tooloouk. Guided rafting, whitewater trips. Statewide: Brooks Range, Alaska Range, Wrangell-St. Elias, Denali, Fortymile region.

Tumbling B Ranch Trail Rides
Healy-683-6000, www.tumblingbranch.com. Horse rides and pack trips. Nenana River valley near Denali.